Naughty and Nice Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is just around the corner, and we’re gonna be honest…we’re just not as into it as we were pre-kids.  Nowadays it’s more about cutesy crafts and heart-shaped snacks. We’re mostly fine with that- but everyone once in a while we want to kick up the romance, too.  So this week we’ve got a few tips for your sweet, kid-friendly Valentine’s day- but we’ve also got a few ways to take it up a notch (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Looking for ways to celebrate Valentine's Day? We've got six ways to take it up a notch (in both naughty and nice ways!) at #valentinesday #valentinesdaywithkids

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Heart-Shaped Pizza

When Jaymi was younger, a local pizza place would sell heart-shaped pizzas as part of their VDay celebrations. She no longer lives close enough to run in and grab one, so now she makes heart-shaped pizzas with her kids every year. Sometimes it’s just shaping pre-made dough into a heart, and sometimes it’s cutting English muffins with cookie cutters and layering on the toppings. Either way, it’s a fun and very simple tradition to start with the kiddos.

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Trying to figure out where to buy a heart shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day? Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa Murphy’s usually offer heart shaped pizzas for delivery during the month of February.

DIY Valentine’s Day Coupon Books

These DIY Love Coupons are perfect because they are 100% customizable for you and your partner. Simply write on the coupon, place a scratcher sticker on top, and wait for your partner to find out what they’ll be receiving in exchange for each coupon. 

We love these because they can go from practical (Good for One Extra Morning of Sleeping In) to Saucy (fill in your own blanks here mamas!). And you don’t have to be worried that any of the coupons will… well, let’s say outside of your comfort zone.

Plus the kit comes with enough that you can give some to your kids (Stay Up Late, Choose the Restaurant, etc) in addition to your main squeeze…but PLEASE don’t mix up the two!

Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipe

Lila’s very favorite cookies are these easy Funfetti Sugar Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction. They are soft, fluffy, and SCRUMPTIOUS. For a Valentine’s Day Twist, use only pink and red sprinkles, which you can purchase here.


Unique, Printable Valentine’s

Paper Heart Family created these awesome Emoji Keychain Printable Valentine‘s. They are a candy-free, super creative option for Valentine’s that stand out from the rest, and the best part is that they aren’t super expensive or tricky to create. 

Grab the emoji keychains here, and then head over to Paper Heart Family to get your copy of the printables.

Bringing Sexy Back

Show of hands- who wants to drag their toddler into a lingerie store to try on some skimpy outfits? Anyone? Yeah? NO. 

So here’s a little romance hack- you can actually buy adorable lingerie on Amazon. We’re not even kidding.  You should check it out- the reviews are actually really good!

Valentine’s Day Art

It can be kind of tricky to celebrate Valentine’s Day without kids without focusing too much on the mushy, gushy love part. As usual, we love to use art time to incorporate a little extra holiday fun into our day.

Luckily, it’s super easy to turn almost any art project into a Valentine’s Day craft by using heart shaped paper and Valentine’s Day colors. Check out how to make Shaving Cream Marbled Valentine’s Day Prints, put a Valentine’s Day spin on our Bubble Wrap Prints using heart shapes and red paint, or create a batch of pink slime


Do you have any fun Valentine’s Day traditions? Tell us about them in the comments section!

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