Easter Egg Salt Dough Ornaments

Looking for a fun, festive Easter craft that you and your kids will love? Try Easter Egg Salt Dough Ornaments! This very easy Easter craft is perfect for kids of all ages, and will create a wonderful memento of the holiday. 

My kids love a craft, so we’re often drawing, cutting, gluing, and creating. But sometimes they ask for the big guns: paint. While we love process art as much as the next Mom, today we needed a BIG project with a lot of structure and limited resources. And the PERFECT project with limited resources is salt dough ornaments.

My kids love salt dough painting because it’s an all day event with lots of steps. I love it, because despite all those steps, it’s insanely easy. Like so easy my 3, 5 and 6 year olds can handle basically every step.

Since it’s spring, and Easter is around the corner, today is about Easter ornaments. But the other great thing about salt dough ornaments is your only limited by your cookie cutter collection or shapes you can make with a knife – and your imagination! Spring flowers, hearts, suns, leaves – the possibilities are endless!

Four brightly colored egg shaped ornaments. Text overlay: How to make Easter egg salt dough ornaments. with only 2 ingredients.

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Budsies Review: Get Your Custom Stuffed Animal!

As soon as the holidays roll around – or my kids’ birthdays – everyone starts asking the same question: What can I get your son for a gift? Often, I answer “nothing.” Because the truth is, he doesn’t need anything. Which is hard for me too – because despite not wanting any more stuff around the house, I do want to find the perfect gift that is special and memorable for my kids. So for my art obsessed boy, Budsies was the perfect fit!

Check out this Budsies review to see if it would be the perfect gift for your child too!

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Snowflake Salt Painting- A Winter Themed Project You’ll LOVE

Create snowflakes with this winter process art project featuring Raised Salt Painting. With simple materials and great results, this snowflake art project will be one kids want to repeat again and again. Get the instructions at TheSaltyMamas.com. #snowflake #snowflakeart #winter #wintercrafts #winterart #snowtheme #preschoolsnowtheme #preschoolwintertheme #processart #processartforkids #kidsart

My daughter is OBSESSED with Raised Salt Painting. With a little glue, salt, and watercolor paint, kids can turn an ordinary piece of paper into a three-dimensional work of art. So when she asked to create a winter raised salt painting, I knew just what to do.

We decided to create snowflake salt paintings┬áin a size that’s just-right to become an ornament on our Christmas tree. It’s simple, fun, and- once laminated- takes on a snowglobe-like quality that your kids are going to love.

My daughter is a bit of a perfectionist. She is super hesitant to attempt art projects she thinks won’t work “right.” It’s a delicate balance between teaching her to take risks and allowing her to create something she’ll be happy with. So sometimes I ask her to wing it, but other times (like this time!) I created a printable snowflake template for her to use.

If your child is less fearful of art activities, feel free to give them less structure. Ask them to create their own snowflake designs, or even to just experiment with different shapes and colors. Either way, your kids are going to get the incredible art, fine motor, and sensory experience that this winter themed raised salt painting provides.

Toddler using glue to trace snowflakes on a sheet of paper with glue. Text overlay: Raised salt snow flakes, a hands-on art project for kids.

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Kids Get Creative with Process Art for Toddlers

Four Fun, Crazy-Engaging Process Art Activities for Kids. Set up these process art projects using materials you already have on hand! Find the details at TheSaltyMamas.com.

If you’ve been watching our stories on Instagram, you’ll notice we’ve been making a real push to get open ended art into the hands of more children.  Process art for toddlers seems so daunting at first- people are afraid of the mess, or don’t know where to start- but they don’t have to be complicated.  With a little inspiration, and a tiny bit of prep, you’ll be able to get some easy toddler art projects under way in no time.

Process art activities range from the very simple (think an easel with little pots of paint) to the more complex (like our recycled materials painting wall, see below). The beauty is that you and your kids get to decide how elaborate your process based art projects are going to be.  The idea is to keep process art for toddlers fun, simple, and creative, and to let the kids take it from there.

So if you are looking for some easy process art for kids, we’ve got a few ideas that you can do this week, with materials you’ve already got on hand. Collect some supplies, bust out the paint, and you’ll be watching your kids create and explore art in a whole new way in no time!

Different ways to paint; Text overlay: Let toddlers get creative with process based art. 4 fun activities to do

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Baby’s First Edible Fingerpaint- Made from Yogurt!

I mean, they're gonna eat the paint anyways....might as well make sure it's delicious! Try this yogurt paint baby art project from thesaltymamas.com. #ediblefingerpaint #artforbabies #artfortoddlers #toddlerartproject #babyartproject #yogurtpaint

Looking for an edible finger paint recipe for babies? Find out how to make yogurt finger paint in this easy art project for babies and toddler featuring our two ingredient edible fingerpaint recipe.

yogurt paint; text overlay reads: taste safe fingerpaint

I spent some time as a preschool art teacher, so you better BELIEVE I was bound and determined to get my kids excited about art from an early age. I had big ambitions about art projects for babies, and I expected I would spend much of my time coming up with cute crafts for toddlers. I even pictured them with little paint brushes in their chubby little hands.

And then the day came when I handed Lila her first paintbrush, lovingly dipped in non-toxic red paint- and she stuck it right in her mouth. We THINK these things are going to be amazing. But when it comes to art projects for babies, sometimes we need to tone down our expectations just a little. Or, at the very least, come up with edible finger paint alternatives that won’t have our toddlers spitting red paint all over the living room floor.

One of the easiest compromises to make is by swapping out typical paints with edible finger paint for toddlers. Pinterest abounds with plenty of non-toxic options to make your own paint (often involving flour, corn-starch, and the like).

We wanted to move beyond paint that simply won’t hurt them. We’re bringing you an art activity for babies that integrates sensory play, taste exploration, and color experimentation in a truly edible fashion. 

Our yogurt fingerpaint recipe is sure to fill some time with yummy fun for your littlest Picassos. It’s a process-based art project your babies will love.

yogurt paint; text overlay reads: super edible yogurt paint for babies & toddlers

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