The 11 Types of Toddler Tantrums (Don’t Worry, You’ll Hate Them All)

Wondering how many different types of toddler tantrums there are? We know you’re looking for the secret solution. Well, it doesn’t exist. EVERYTHING is likely to set your child off. Read on to find out which type of tantrum your child most susceptible to.

Before you had kids, you probably saw a small child have a tantrum. Perhaps you foolishly thought, “My kid will never behave like that!” Maybe you were one of the smart ones that thought, “Ugh, too bad the occasional tantrum is just something that comes with having kids!”

But our guess is that you didn’t realize that there are at least 11 different types of toddler tantrums. And that they happen on the daily.

The only mystery is wondering what is going to trigger today’s tantrum. Strike that. The first tantrum today. And then the next. Repeat until bedtime (which will DEFINITELY have a tantrum, so pencil that one in now.)

So to help you identify the tantrums as they happen, here are the eleven different types of toddler tantrums.

toddler tantrum; text: eleven types of toddler tantrums

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The 9 Stages of Potty Training

So you’ve decided it’s time to start potty training. Congratulations! – and good luck. Because while the world may have tried to convince you that potty training may be an easy three day process, in our experience it hasn’t been so cut and dry. Well, definitely not dry. Wondering about the real stages of potty training? We’ve got all the real-talk take on the potty training progression in this hilarious post. What stage of potty training is YOUR child in?

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Tired as a Mother? 7 Reasons Why You’re Exhausted

Parents are tired. It’s a fact of this #momlife that we’re constantly functioning at some stage of tired. It is why “Tired as a Mother” is an expression, and the reason we need so much under-eye concealer.

But did you know that there are in fact seven different types of parent based exhaustion? From the regular old “needs more coffee” to the ULTIMATE exhaustion, there are lots of different ways to be as tired as a mother. 

So which type are you? Read on to see the seven different reasons moms are tired.

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The Most Relatable Momlife Tweets

Laugh your way through #momlife with these hysterical and relatable tweets! #momhumor #mommyhumor #parentinghumor #funnyparents #funnyparenting #parenttwitter #twitterroundup #funnytweets #besttweets #funniesttweets

Momlife is hard. It’s exhausting. And, let’s face it, it’s not glamorous. But the good news is that whatever wacky thing happened to you today, there’s a Mom that has been there. And she’s probably on Twitter complaining about it. So here to make you feel a little bit better about your situation are these super relatable #Momlife tweets. 

Laugh your way through #momlife with these hysterical and relatable tweets! #momhumor #mommyhumor #parentinghumor #funnyparents #funnyparenting #parenttwitter #twitterroundup #funnytweets #besttweets #funniesttweets

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How to Make a Baby Cry in 9 Easy Steps

No matter what you do, let's face it- babies are gonna spend some time crying. 9 hilarious truths about babies from #babies #howtomakeababystopcrying #newborn #newborntips #adviceformoms #parentinghumor #momhumor

So maybe you don’t actually want to figure out HOW to make a baby cry. But I assure you, whether you want to or not, it’s going to happen- a lot. And as exhausted new moms, you can laugh or cry about it. Our babies chose to cry, but us? We choose to laugh. 

Okay, okay hear- me out. I’m not a total MONSTER. I don’t actually WANT babies to cry. But let’s face it, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to make a baby cry. Actually, the mere fact of trying to get a baby to STOP crying will probably show you a million more ways to make them cry in the first place.

I think we have this idea as mothers- especially new mothers- that babies aren’t supposed to cry much. We’ve been trained to think that crying means something is wrong, and that it is our job to figure out and fix said thing, in order to get a baby to stop crying. 

But if you’ve spent any amount of time with a newborn, you know there are other factors at play. Sometimes, despite our best of intentions and most tender loving care, we figure out how to make a baby cry- the hard way.

So for your reading pleasure, here are 9 easy ways to make a baby cry. 

baby crying; text: how to make a baby cry

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