The Best Board Games for Road Trips

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Got a road trip coming up? Keep your family entertained with these easily transported board games for road trips (most are probably already in your game closet!) We travel with our kids A LOT. Like, multiple 9 hours road trips a year kind of a lot. And our kids have … Read More

Travel Activity Bag for Toddlers & Kids

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Whether you’ve got a road trip coming up or just need to find a way to keep your kiddos entertained for more than a hot minute, you’re going to love this all in one travel activity bag. The best bag to use (and the best goodies to fill it with!) to keep toddlers and preschoolers entertained on the go.

I’m borderline obsessed with making busy bags for kids. The Dollar Tree, Daiso, and the Target Bullseye Playground are all practically begging me to make more busy bags every time I go near them.

But the more I made, the more I ran into a problem- what busy bag storage system contains all this goodness? I’d love to use the busy bags for travel, but I needed an easy way to store and transport them.

I don’t know about you, but there are TONS of times when I could benefit from having my stash of busy bags with me.  Like when the doctor is running behind, or when we’ve got a long flight, or on one of our ten hour road trips.

Or when my husband sends me and my two children to stand in line for a few hours at a Best Buy for a video game system at 6 am on fifteen minutes notice.

No? Is that one just me?

Well at any rate, I finally found a way to set up a travel activity bag that can come with us- and it didn’t take a whole lot of additional time or effort.

I don’t always feel like a super mom, but this fully-stocked, always-so-ready-it-lives-in-the-trunk Travel Activity Bag is a major source of pride for me.

And the best part? You can have your own busy bag storage system in place before you know it, too.

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Road Tripping

Looking for a way to road trip with your kids- WITHOUT losing your mind? We've got ten tips to road trip like a boss, from #roadtripwithkids #vacationwithkids #familyroadtrip

Have you planned the ultimate family road trip? Well, if you just realized you actually need to bring – and entertain – your family on the trip, you might be slightly less excited. There’s a lot to think of from family road trip essentials to fun ideas for long road trips, and we’ve got you covered on all of it!

So I’m not trying to brag or anything, but…well I totally am. I’m shamelessly going to proclaim myself the queen of taking road trips with kids, because everyone has gifts, and this may well be mine. My family ROCKS at road trips.

Lest you think I’m gloating about being good at all things #momlife, I’m currently writing this while draped over my crying one year old, making shushing sounds in his ear. So for sure I don’t have it all figured out.

But traveling alone with a toddler or two? Coming up with fun ideas for long road trips? Yeah, I’m your girl. My kids have been road tripping since infancy. We drive two hour stretches very often, like monthly. And we’ve taken many, many 9+ hour trips, from when we had one tiny baby to today. Like, TODAY today.

So maybe I’m not an expert, but I am very experienced. Here’s a few tips, so you can gain from my wisdom learn from my mistakes.

Looking for a way to road trip with your kids- WITHOUT losing your mind? We've got ten tips to road trip like a boss, from #roadtripwithkids #vacationwithkids #familyroadtrip

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