Mom Confession: I’ve Considered Running Away

Okay, maybe not literally. Maybe not totally seriously. But I’ve probably given it too much actual thought than I should have.

Lots of times, I love motherhood, I do. When all three of my kids are in a sweet spot, I think I could have three more. When two of them are delightful and one is going through a more challenging phase, I power through. When one is nice and two are little hot mess machines, I hunker down and know we’ll get through it. But when all three are hellions? I start making a list of possible talents I could contribute to the circus.

Right now? I’m in full on circus mode.

In the past few weeks all three of my children have thrown up on me. I’ve had many midnight discussions about diarrhea and why my son is “peeing out of his butt.” We had a solid week where at least one child was wide awake from 3am on, which leads for a very early wake up for Mommy and Daddy. We’ve had night terrors. A four year old that just. doesn’t. listen. A two year old that is in active transition from the terrible twos to being a threenager whose greatest joy in life is her abundant ability to tease her brother. A breast feeder that’s found out her big ol’ teeth make excellent weapons. And I ran out of coffee creamer.

It’s weeks like these that make me spend considerable amounts of time researching the standard working contract for cruise staff. Not that I’d actually drive down to the cruise terminal and go to the employment booth and fill out the application to work a 6 month tour on the Carnival Inspiration or anything. Of course I wouldn’t actually go and do that. I don’t think. But I’ve definitely gotten closer than my husband should find out about.

And yes, there have been good times, but right now? Right now I’m overwhelmed with yet another night of changing sheets filled with last night’s dinner, a 2 year old that comes tumbling out of her crib before the sun rises and a baby that has found she’s sure to get my attention by biting anything she can sink those chompers into.

I love them, I do, but just think how much more I could love and appreciate them if I took, say, a six month break. If I went off on an adventure and came back with arms full of treats and souvenirs and a heart full of missing them. I won’t do it, but I’m definitely still gonna dream about it.

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23 thoughts on “Mom Confession: I’ve Considered Running Away”

  1. Oh gosh, this just made me laugh out loud, but only for a second because I’m aware that this will most likely be my life soon! I’ve got a little boy on the way, and God willing we’re planning on popping them out back to back so our babies our close in age. Bless your heart. Well for what it’s worth, YOU’RE DOING GREAT! I don’t even know you but felt like I could hear your voice while reading this post, Loving your blog and realness SO much!

  2. OMG I’m right there with you! A cruise ship job sounds fantastic! I have had that “peeing out of my butt” conversation more times than I’d like.

  3. Gosh isn’t it crazy how on their best days we consider having 10 more, but on the worst days permanent birth control sounds pretty appealing? Haha motherhood. And we all want to run away some days!

  4. I totally get you- some days the circus seems like t would be less chaotic than real life. I’m right there with you mama. Fab post!

  5. 100% me! I’ve fantasized about running away more than I’d ever admit to people I know! I seriously don’t blame you for feeling like that after the dreaded stomach bug, that’s the number 1 travesty that would put me over the edge too.

  6. I definitely feel you on this one! I only have one, she’s 20 months going on 17! And between you and I I have a 33 year old husband going on 6! Yes I want to run away sometimes too! Lol

  7. Holy f, that is me right now, too (minus the stomach flu – my two kids are just pains in my butt right now, especially my 4yo). I feel your pain. I don’t know what heals this crappy feeling except time. Maybe an attitude adjustment on my part and some hand sanitizer for you. Hope your family gets better soon!

  8. Oh dear.. it’s hard sometimes, isn’t it? And the fact that you’re writing this means you wouldn’t actually do it… and we all think something similar sometimes!

  9. oh man, you’re brave having them all that close together! It can be so stressful. But it’s still ok to make that time for youself!!

  10. I think there are a lot of things you can dream about escaping from sometimes! There have been moments I wished I could just disappear for a few minutes to take a quick break and then come back, hopefully refreshed. ?

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