The Best Sticker Books for Toddlers

Are you looking for the best workbooks for two year olds? Or maybe you just need some quiet, sit down activities for your toddler to do? Either way, we’ve got you covered with some of the best toddler workbooks in this fantastic list.

When my daughter Lila started getting homework in kindergarten, her little brother Abe was just two years old. But every night when we sat down to do homework with Lila, Abram would get jealous- sometimes to the point of tears!- about wanting some “homework” for himself.

While I’m not the biggest fan of starting kids on academic activities too early, I also believe that we should allow kids to explore things that they’re interested in. And for whatever reason, for Abe, that was “big kid homework.”

So I took it upon myself to find some of the very highest quality, best workbooks for two year olds. We’ve tried toddler sticker books, toddler activity books, and even cut-and-paste style workbooks. Here, you’ll find a list of the workbooks for toddlers that have been the most successful for us.

A CHILD WORKING ON A TODDLER WORKBOOK USING CRAYONS; Text overlay: 13 toddler workbooks your kids will love.
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Why We Love Toddler Workbooks for Our Kids

Look, should every toddler be sitting down daily and scribbling in a workbook? No, probably not. But, when used correctly, it’s a fantastic way to keep two and three year olds busy, learning, and quiet. Which, let’s be honest- we sometimes REALLY need.

And there’s a lot to be learned from workbooks. Early counting skills, pre-reading skills, and problem solving are all easily practiced within an activity book. And kids can learn some important kindergarten and preschool readiness skills, like following directions, practicing fine motor skills, and working on correct grip with pencils and crayons.

Big Kindergarten workbook for toddles next to a cup of pencils and fidget spinner

And toddler workbooks can also help solve problems. Whether you’re struggling to fill a day with activities, need something for the kids to do on a long road trip, or just to keep littler ones busy during your older child’s homework time, toddler activity books can buy you a little quiet when you need it most. 

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The Best Toddler Sticker Books

I’m not sure why exactly it is, but toddlers are CRAZY for stickers. And, lucky for us, they are SO good for their development. From early academic skills to fine motor practice, sticker books are a great way to engage your toddlers in some focused activity.

Image of book "First 100 words sticker book" First 100 Words Sticker Book

This book has colorful stickers and open-ended pages for your child to create. It’s a great way to work on their vocabulary as well as their fine motor skills (and it’s by Roger Priddy, one of our favorites, so you really can’t go wrong).

And when your child finishes it, there are also more toddler sticker books in the series (check out this animal theme sticker book, or this one for colors and shapes).

Sticker Activity BookBook image with "Sticker activity animals with coloring pages"

When my daughter was two years old, she was OBSESSED with this early learning sticker activity book. The stickers are large and easy for small hands to handle, and kids get additional fine motor practice by matching the stickers to their matching shadow shape.

 Book Image "I can do that! Stickers"I Can Do That Sticker Book

Okay, so this one isn’t the easiest for kids to use on their own. Each page has stickers the kids need to locate elsewhere in the book and transfer to the correct page.

But I am absolutely thrilled with the sneaky early learning skills this book uses. Matching, sorting, mazes, and finishing the picture all help to keep two and three year olds engaged as they complete the book.

 At The Zoo Sticker BookImage of book called "At the zoo"

All of Kumon’s books are really designed with toddlers in mind. This book is jam-packed with engaging activities to do with your kids, with lots of learning disguised as fun (and LOTS of adorable stickers, naturally).

Cartoon illustrated Tree; Text overlay: Have even more fine motor fun with out Sticker activities pack

Toddler Coloring Books

When you’re teaching a toddler to color, it’s important to find the balance between letting their creativity shine and teaching them the fine motor skills they’ll need in later years. We love how these toddler coloring books offer simple, easy pictures so that your toddler can color like a “big kid,” too.

I Can Color Toddler Coloring BookBook image of "I can color!" toddler coloring book.

Book image with title "My First big book of coloring"

With big, simple pictures that kids will identify with, this coloring book is a perfect introduction for toddlers. 

Jumbo Toddler Coloring Book

This book has lots and lots of bold, simple coloring pages. So even if your toddler goes through several quickly, there’lly still be lots left for them to enjoy. They’ll love the size of this one, as well as having a coloring book all to themselves.

Best Dry Erase Workbooks for Toddlers

We LOVE the flexibility of dry erase workbooks for toddlers. Whether you’re getting some quiet practice at home or taking these on the road, dry erase books can’t be beat for their reusable nature and endless fun.

Book image titled "Dot to dot for tiny tots"

Dot to Dot Dry Erase Book

This toddler dry erase book is perfect for kids just learning to trace lines and connect dots. Don’t expect your classic “dot to dot” puzzle structure, though- this book focuses more on drawing lines and connecting dots to finish or add to a picture.

Several of the reviewers also recommend using dry erase crayons instead (you can grab a pack here).Image of book "ready set, write & wipe!"Dry Erase Letters and Numbers

I love the size of this kids’ dry erase activity book. The large spiral at the top makes it easy for kids to turn pages on their own, but it’s still small enough to throw into you activity bag for fun on the go.

It’s more structured than some other workbooks for two year olds, guiding kids to practice their numbers and letters. But my son loves doing his “big boy homework” like his sister does, so this definitely fills a need in our house.

Highlights Dry Erase Activity BookBook with the Image "Write-on Wipe-off Let's trace!"

This dry erase book is lots of fun for little hands. It features pictures for kids to complete, giving them a big sense of accomplishment. It’s also from Highlights, meaning that it delivers the same classic kids’ activities you used to know and love as a kid yourself. 

Picture Puzzle Dry Erase BookBook image titled "Let's learn activities picture puzzles"

This book is LOTS of repeatable fun. With fun, toddler-level puzzles, complete the pictures, and look and find activities, kids will enjoy this dry erase toddler activity book over and over again without getting tired of it. 

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The Best Workbooks for Two Year Olds

When you’re introducing your toddler to workbooks, it’s important to keep the activity light, fun, and brief. You don’t want your toddler to associate workbooks with boredom or frustration. 

Book with title "Play smart Early learning"

Choosing the best toddler workbook is key to your success here. You’re looking for bright, fun pages with engaging activities that get progressively more difficult, keeping your toddler on their toes (and having a good time). Here are our favorite workbooks for two year olds that meet the bill. 

Early Learning Toddler Workbook

Oh, how we LOVE this early learning workbook. It addresses all the fine motor and early academic needs your toddler may have- coloring, drawing lines, even cutting and gluing- in a fun, compact toddler workbook.

Our kids love engaging with this workbook, and get excited every time we bring it out. 

Gakken Skill Builders

Similar to the workbook above, the bright, colorful layout of this workbook makes it SUPER appealing to even the youngest toddlers. This version puts more of an emphasis on pencil and crayon skills, but providing lots of fun practice in the process. 

Book image with title "Let's Color!"Kumon Let’s Color

If you have a kid that loves to scribble, this is the perfect toddler activity book to introduce them to coloring inside of the lines. It gradually works up from scribbling, to making intenional marks, and finally to neatly coloring in a shape. It really helps to progressively teach kids how to color in the kind of way they’ll be expected to in preschool or kindergarten.


So there you have it, the very best toddler workbooks to get your kids introduced to learning in a more structured, school like way (while still having LOTS of little kid fun).

Do your kids have a favorite workbook? Tell us in the comments- we may just add it to the list!

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