A Love Letter to the Delivery Man

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Dear Ramon,

You couldn’t have known today that you’d make such a huge difference in someone’s life. In fact, you probably feel sometimes like people look down on you, that your job isn’t important. Those people don’t understand the incredible service you provide. But make no mistake: you are an unsung hero. So I want to very publicly say, Thank you.

When I saw you pull up in front of my house, my heart skipped a beat. I ran to the door like it was Christmas morning, and you were my Santa Claus. No one has ever been so glad to gaze upon your Corolla, that I promise you. As you pulled bag after glorious bag out of your trunk, I could contain myself no longer, and babe in arms, I crossed the threshold of my door and very nearly ran to you. I was eager to do whatever I could to make your job easier, since you were making my whole life easier. I took one of the bags, more a token of my appreciation rather than actual help I suppose and we walked to the house together.

You may have noticed how over eager I was…. I didn’t plan on seeing another full grown person all day…but you didn’t seem put off. You may have noticed that I was wearing a bathrobe, possibly even adorned with some spittle, but you didn’t mention it. You professionally handed me my bags, ignoring the cries of children, the hoarder level mess inside and gave me a smile. A genuine smile from an adult! Then you said, “have a nice day.” I’m pretty sure all signs pointed to not a chance in hell of that nice day, but I appreciated the gesture just the same.

I gonna go out on a limb and assume I’m not the first Mom in stage 5 vomit hell you’ve probably come across in your line of work. You’ve probably delivered more bags of ginger ale and the BRAT diet than you can count. And in case the others were to frazzled to communicate their appreciation, I hope you understood that my “thank you” was not just from me. No, it was a thank you from thousands of quarantined Mom’s that asked themselves what we did before Amazon came and rescued us all.


One Salty Mama


Do you somehow not have Amazon Prime? Do yourself a favor, at least get this free trial now before you’re neck deep in sick kids and in desperate need of a friendly face like Ramon’s. Trust me. You’ll be insanely glad you did.

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11 thoughts on “A Love Letter to the Delivery Man”

  1. I am jealous! We d0n’t have grocery delivery around here. My family just starves until I can go to the store by myself. ? Count your blessings! ?

  2. This is the cutest! I love it! Sometimes I feel like I’m having an affair with mine, mainly due to the fact that I pray my husband isn’t home when he delivers haha

  3. I am OBSESSED with Amazon Prime! it has definitely gotten me through the tough times. I’m always excited for the delivery man to come, just like Christmas.

  4. I kid you not, I am always greeting the delivery man in my fuzzy robe. If I know I have a package arriving that day my blinds are wide open so that I know the perfect moment to attack. Loved this!

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