The 7 Kinds of “Good Moms.” Which are You?

There are so many ways to be a good mom. None will look exactly the same, and there’s no ONE good mother definition, but we think there are at least 7 types of “good moms.” Which are you?

I don’t know about you, mamas, but I can tell you this for sure- I am constantly worrying about whether or not I am a good enough mom for my kids. Realistically, I’m sure I’m doing at least ok. But then I see the way someone else is momming so hard, and I can’t help but compare myself.

I love to bake with my kids, read to them, and teach them new things. But then I see a mom doing some down-on-the-floor playing with her kids, and I think to myself, “oh, she is so much better than me. I hate playing pretend.” And then I’ll spend the next couple of days trying to turn myself into a totally different kind of mom so that I can be “good enough” for my kids.

But the fact is- there are so many different qualities of a good mother. There are so many different theories on how to be a good mom- and you can’t be all of them at once. You might as well stick to the kind of mothering you’re good at.

We’re breaking it down into the seven different types of good mothers in this blog post. Check it out for yourself, and see which one YOU are.

a mom figuring out how to be a good mom with her daughter

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The Room Mom

The room mom is the leader of the pack in all thing school related. She loves Pinterest, and will spend hours scrolling until she finds just the right idea for the Door Decorating contest for Teacher Appreciation Week. She never forgets to turn in her book orders on time, and, in fact, she’s likely to send out a helpful email reminder so that others can remember too.

mom helping kids at a bake sale

This woman pours her heart into not only her child, but her child’s school and community. She is a rallying force for educational changes, charitable outreach, and she is the reason that the class parties are so much fun. Whether you’re the room mom or not, you can admit that this woman can handle anything the school throws at her, taking on the mental load for many other parents at the school at the same time.

The Acts-of-Service Mom

Do you need a Halloween costume made? She’ll bust out her sewing machine. Requesting your favorite dinner? She’ll whip it up from scratch. And if you need your laundry done? She’ll have it washed, dried, and folded by this afternoon.


This mom shows her love with a thousand little acts of kindness. Her love for her family oozes out of her in the form of muffins and windex, and she’s always working to make life easier for her family. It’s the kind of love that often goes unnoticed, but she knows that it makes her family feel well-loved and cared for, so she keeps on keeping on.

The Play-on-the-Floor Mom

The play-on-the-floor mom is constantly evolving to keep up with her child’s changing tastes. In the early days, she read endless books and played round after tireless round of peek a boo. As time went on, she developed an interest in toy trains and Barbie dolls, and was happy to spend her days sitting with her kids in elaborate games of pretend play.

As her kids get older, she’ll shift again, becoming the mom that hosts the best playdates, and finally the mom that all the teenagers confide in. She puts in the hours with her kids, and thrives on the face-to-face connection she gets while meeting them where they are.

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The Activities Mom

This mom might as well put an Uber sticker in her car window. Or better yet, a full kitchenette, as she pretty much lives in her car for much of the year.



From soccer to dance class and then onto scouts, this mom is constantly on the go taking her kiddos to wear they want to be. She might be trying to keep her kids active so that they don’t give in to the lure of their electronics. Or maybe her kids are just insanely athletic, and she’s trying to help make their dreams come true.

Whatever her reasoning, this mama sacrifices herself each and every day to give her kids a richer, fuller life- even if that means crockpot dinners and hours in the car to acheive it.

The Weird Mom

While other mothers are buttoning up their cardigans or slipping on some Lululemons to hit the gym, this mom is slipping on an AC/DC shirt and some well-worn jeans. She combs out her hair- maybe dyed a shocking pink- and spends some time checking for peeling on her new tattoo.

When it comes to #Momlife, the weird mother is more than happy to do it her own way.

And while she may get some looks from the other moms at school drop off, the kids think she’s ten kinds of cool.

This is the mother that allows her kids to be truly, authentically themselves. You want pink hair, kid? Go for it. You want a drum set in the garage? Let’s do it.

child of a weird mom going her own way

The Weird Mother is not afraid to break the mold of motherhood, teaching her children that it is okay to be who you want to be- whatever that may look like.

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The Free Range Mom

The Free Range Mom has made a conscious decision to let her children be more independent than is currently in fashion. Her kids can be seen climbing trees, jumping off of climbing structures, and riding their bikes with their friends somewhere in the neighborhood. They almost always have skinned knees, tanned skin, and messy hair, but they are living the childhood version of THE DREAM.

This mama loves her kids just as much as the next mother, and she feels just as sad as anyone else when her kids get hurt. But she’s decided that freedom and risk-taking is what’s best for her family, and she gives her kids the space to make their own decisions (and their own mistakes) in exchange for fuller, richer childhood of the old-school variety.

The Health Conscious Mom

This mama lives on the crunchy side of life. She likes to make her kids’ food from scratch, with ingredients she can actually pronounce. She shies away from processed foods when possible, and adjusts the grocery budget so she afford the organic food shebelieves is best for her kids.

This mama strives to live a natural, chemical lifestyle, swapping out harsh cleaners for homemade mixtures featuring essential oils and vinegars. Forget BPA free- it’s only stainless steel in this home. And when she can tell her kids have a cold coming on, she busts out the elderberry syrup and not the over the counter remedies her friends sometimes head to first.

The heath conscious mama is all-too aware of everything her kids are putting into their bodies, and takes care to keep her kiddos as healthy (and natural) as possible. It’s her way of protecting her kids, yes, but it’s also her way of showing them just how much she loves them.

The Kind YOU Are

Don’t see your “type” on the list? To be honest, mama, it doesn’t really matter. Whether you’re marching to the beat of your own drum or just picking and choosing from different categories, you are doing what you think is best to give your kids what they need.

You don’t have to look like anyone else, or act like anyone else- your kids need YOU, just as you are.


Whether you’re wondering how to be a good mom, or just looking for reassurance that you’ve got what it takes, we promise you that your kids need you, just the way you are. You’re nailing this whole motherhood thing. And whether you see it or not- your kids do. And at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters.

And we’d love to hear from you in the comments- which type of mom are you?

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