Do A Dot Transportation Art Project (with Free Printables!)

Looking for transportation arts and crafts for preschoolers? We think these free do a dot transportation printables will do the trick! Easy for you, and FUN for them. Read on to get the instructions and get your free printable templates.

My son is suddenly OBSESSED with all things transportation theme. He makes tracks for his toy cars outside. He begs me to add vehicles to his sensory bins. He even brought his monster trucks into a full-on painting project.

So when I needed to find an art activity for him that would also work on his fine motor skills, I knew exactly what I needed to come up with. These transportation arts and crafts for preschoolers fit a lot of his needs (pencil grip practice, big arm movements, and that bang! bang! bang! do a dot markers provide) while still giving me what I wanted.

And that’s cute art for my fridge, gosh darn it!

We developed these do a dot transportation printables with your vehicle-loving toddlers and preschoolers in mind. And the best part? These templates are totally free to our subscriber list. Read on for instructions (and to find out how to get those adorable printables!)

kids' transportation art; text: free printable transportation do a dot art

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The Benefits of Using Do A Dot Markers

Dot markers are fantastic for little hands. Their large size helps scaffold for young hand grips, and even the tiniest hands can wrap around them to leave their mark on the world. They help with hand strength, hand-eye coordination, and even count as a prewriting activity.

bin of dot markers

(The Special Ed teacher in me also wants you to know that they are a fantastic adaptive art media for kids who may not have full hand and arm strength or range). 

But also? They are just Kids love to bang them (make sure you put down a silicone mat first!) and get wonderful, squealy satisfaction from the paint that squooshes out. 

Gathering Materials for Your Transportation Preschool Art Project

The supplies for this one are pretty simple!

First, you’ll need to grab your printable transportation do a dot template (this is an exclusive for our subscribers, so you’ll need to sign up here to have it sent straight to your inbox. 



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Other supplies for your printable transportation theme craft:

Setting Up Your Craft Supplies

First up, you’ll need to cut out the do a dot transporation printable templates. We’ve made a car, boat, plane, and train, so you can cut out one or all four (these are pretty addicting for kids, so you might want to do all four!)

This is a great naptime or post-bedtime project, since it’s easy to do while watching trash TV (which, honestly, is when most of craft prep gets done). 

car printable template and scissors

Attach a few pieces of blue painters tape to the back of the trimmed shape. You’ll want to keep the tape mainly on the edges to keep it down during painting.

tape on the back of car template

Tape the template onto a blank piece of paper.

Grab your dot markers (we keep ours in a small sterilite bin so they’re always ready to go). Decide whether you want to let your kiddo use multiple colors or not (there can be transfer between the spongy part of the dot markers, so we usually stick to one color at a time). 

Set out your supplies, and get ready to go!

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Practicing Fine Motor Skills

If this is your child’s first time using dot markers, expect them to go a little nutso. Set rules to help keep this manageable:

  • Use one color at a time
  • Keep the dots on the paper
  • Screw the caps back on when you’re done (this rule is a sneaky way to add more skill practice, since it also helps with hand strength and coordination)

child using dot markers on template

Once they’re more familiar with the dot markers, ask them to trace the transporation themed cut out with their dot marker.

child tracing car template with dot marker

This helps with fine motor skills and is a great pre-writing activity, but it also helps the white shape to “pop” more against the white backdrop.

Transportation Themed Process Art FUN!

Once they’ve traced the transporation shape of their choice, they can add some fun to the other parts of the paper. Encourage them to focus on the white parts of the page.

child using dot markers

Once the first color dries a bit, they can also go back in and add more colors. 

Art Project Reveal!

Once the paint has dried on your do a dot transportation printable, gently peel it off of the dotted page. You should be left with a white outline in the shape of a boat, car, train, or plane, depending on what you chose!

removing template from paper

You can call the project finished from here, or encourage your child to add details with crayons. This is a great chance to reinforce that transportation vocabulary, chatting about the different parts (wheels, sails, engine, wings). 

car outline with wheels, lights, windshield added

You can also add labels to the drawings (I wrote the name of each vehicle on the paper), or have your child practice writing their name by “signing” their art work. 

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How Can You Get Your Free Do a Dot Transportation Printables?

Are you in? Our do a dot transportation printable templates are totally free, BUT they are only available to our subscribers. (Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe any time).

finished car, train, and plane art

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We love that this transportation arts and crafts activity for preschoolers has a little something for everyone. Some art and sensory fun for them, with the added benefit of a cute little product for you to hang, too! And, as a bonus, the do a dot transportation printables make set up a cinch. 

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