Easter Egg Activities for Kids- Art Projects and STEM Activities Your Kids Will Love!

Have a bunch of plastic eggs you don’t want to toss? From repurposed plastic Easter egg process art to Easter Egg STEM activities, we’ve got something for everyone. So check out these fun and easy plastic Easter egg activities for kids – and keep your kids busy and having fun!

With Easter just passed and dozens of brightly colored plastic eggs everywhere, this Mama is a little overwhelmed. The clutter. The PLASTIC. And yes, we’ll bag them up and use them again next year so as not to create unnecessary plastic waste. But we also wanted to repurpose those plastic eggs! So we began to search for Easter Egg activities for kids that would entertain them for hours.

We got to brainstorming and here’s what we’re loving!

Repurpose plastic Easter eggs with these fun STEM and art activities for toddlers

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Hide and Seek

If your house is like my house, the initial egg hunt can be a bit….competitive. And fast paced. And frankly the kids are always ready to do it again immediately after – even with empty eggs! So this year, we put a new twist on the classic Easter egg hunt!

Each child gets 20 eggs (or any number of your choosing) to hide in the yard or a specific room of the house while the other kids (or adults!) are elsewhere. Then it’s time to find the eggs! We add a bit of competition by timing how long it takes us to find the hidden eggs. Repeat with each kid getting a chance to be the “hider.” At the end, compare times to see who did the best job hiding the eggs! 

Egg Stamp Art

Kids LOVE paint. Anything to mix up the painting experience is FUN. And the prep on this Easter egg stamp art is so simple! Just grab some paper, paints and your child’s basket of opened Easter eggs and you’re good to go!

This Easter egg process art activity is great for young hands that are just getting into playing with art. If you want to modify this activity for your baby, try stamping the eggs using our DIY Baby’s First Fingerpaint (made from yogurt!)

Small children using plastic easter eggs as paint stamps to create Easter Egg art

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Egg Roll Art

This craft is one of our favorites, because it gives off a super messy vibe to my kids, but they end up relatively paint free!

Cardboard box with a paper inside. Plastic Easter eggs and paint are inside as well to create egg roll art!

Use a large cardboard or plastic box and place a piece of paper inside. Use a little painters tape to tack down the corners so the paper doesn’t slide around with the eggs. Put a few squirts of different colored paint on the page and place some plastic eggs in the container. If you’re afraid of mess, a lidded container, like this one, might work best! Have your child roll the eggs through the paint and around the paper to make some one of a kind process art.

For extra craftiness, you can cover up part of the paper to create a specific design like an Easter egg shape or your child’s initial (like we did here!)

This is also fun for multiple kids to work on together as they shake the box! When you’re done, you have some cool art – and my kids loved the new speckled look of the eggs!

Easter egg process art

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Plastic Easter Egg Water Activities

For these Easter egg STEM activities, you can reuse not just the plastic eggs, but that plastic tub as well! Add water to the tub for lots of fun ways to play with plastic eggs in water.

Plastic Easter Egg Sink or Float Game

If your kids have ever played “Sink or Float” they may be quick to guess that the plastic eggs will float. And they’ll be right! They may also guess that a coin will sink. And they’d be right again. But what about a coin that’s inside a plastic egg? Or a key? Or a rock? Will the buoyancy of the egg be strong enough to overcome the weight of household objects that would normally sink?

Plastic tub filled with water, plastic easter eggs and household items to use to play Sink or Float

Test these items out on their own and then hypothesize whether they’ll still sink once inside a plastic egg! Then have fun testing your hypotheses – and maybe splashing a little in the process!

Found out that a penny isn’t heavy enough to make a plastic egg sink? Take your activity to the next level by having your kids guess how many pennies it will take to make the egg sink. Closest guess wins!

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Catch the Egg with the Spoon

You may think this is going to be an easy activity, but your little ones might realize it’s not quite as easy as it looks! You’ll want to use the same setup as the previous Easter egg water play, using a plastic tub, water, Easter eggs, and this time – spoons!

Plastic tub filled with water, plastic Easter eggs and four different styles of kitchen spoons

For an added challenge, try different kinds of spoons. Large spoons, small spoons, slotted spoons, ladles – use as many different kinds of spoons as you can find! While your children play, talk about the different shapes of the spoons and their names as a way to expand their vocabulary while playing!

You can also use this as an opportunity to ask them questions to get them thinking. Do different spoons make catching the egg easier? Why do you think some spoons were easier and others more challenging?

These questions move this activity from silly water play, to a full on STEM activity!

For more fun, let your kids race to see who can capture more eggs using only their spoon. Or to increase the challenge, put a hose in the tub with the water running gently to add a current.

Two little girls using spoons to scoop plastic Easter eggs out of a plastic bin full of water

Your kids will love playing, splashing, and yes, even competing in these fun and simple water games!

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We love that we’re getting all this extra use out of our eggs with these Easter egg activities for kids. Your kids can explore art and STEM, with the added benefit of getting your kids outside where they can keep the play going long after they’re done with the eggs!

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