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Mom’s Back to School List

One of the BEST parts of the summer ending and the kids going back to school is the kids being gone finally getting to go back to school shopping. There is nothing I love more than getting tha list of everything my kid needs, heading to Target and buying only things that are on that list everything in the store. Let’s face it, backpacks and lunch bags and new markers and pencils and pencil boxes are all thrilling, but don’t we deserve a little something too?

Yes, yes we do.

Unfortunately, school isn’t going to send you a list of everything you need. That’s what we’re for. Check out our list of Back to School items for YOU and then get yourself all geared up for the first day of school!

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Get Yourself a Planner

Every Thursday is early dismissal. Book bags need to be returned each Friday. Red Ribbon week is the last week of October, and has a different spirit theme for each day. Scholastic orders are due on the third of every month, and the PTA meeting is held the second Tuesday.  There are going to be a LOT of things to remember, and you’d be wise to sort out some kind of planning system- whether it’s a Passion Planner, a bullet journal, or just an app on your phone- before things start to get crazy.

Currently, I’m loving my Happy Planner and all the awesome stickers that I’m going a little crazy with. There are a LOT of different options of stickers, so to get you hooked started, I recommend the Momlife pack.

Fun Pens

You can’t write in a planner without pens! Gone are our days of needing #2 pencils, and I can’t be the only Mom out there that consistently reaches into her purse for a pen only to find a handful of broken restaurant crayons. We are loyal fans of Staedler pens and are also students of the school of thought that you need a LOT of colors. Whether you are a very artistic person that wants to use all the colors or are a little more Type A and need to color coordinate your planner according to person and activity, the Staedtler 36 Count of Triplus Fineliner pens will serve you well.

Coffee Mug

Summer may be lazy mornings, but back to school means yelling “WE HAVE TO BE OUT THIS DOOR IN FIVE MINUTES PEOPLE!” And we should not be expected to go out the door without coffee. Treat yourself to a new mug for back to school. We recommend the Contigo Autoseal because you can throw it in your purse without it spilling. Plus it’s guaranteed to keep your coffee hot through an entire morning of tantrums and distractions. Which is awesome when you haven’t gotten to drink your coffee hot since 2012.


Okay, we don’t really need textbooks, but with the kids back to school you may be able to squeeze in a few minutes of time for you! I mean, maybe not, but just in case, let’s grab some light reading to have on hand. Here are some of the books we just couldn’t put down recently.

The Alice Network (Historical Fiction)

Her Every Fear (Thriller)

You Are a Badass (Rockin’ Awesome Self Help)

The Book of Essie (Can’t-put-it-down Fiction)

The Favorite Sister (Murder + Real Housewives style reality show Fiction)

Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Most Guilty Pleasure (Enough Said – Nonfiction)

Educated (Memoir)



If you’re anything like us, your current bag couldn’t probably use a little upgrade. You know, one that doesn’t have goldfish crumbs, 3 partially melted crayons, and a jar of pickles in it. (Okay, maybe you don’t have pickles, but we have it on good authority that some of our Mama friends DO!)

Anyway, check out all the weird stuff in your purse and then go check out this cute crossbody, which is SO going to fit your school year Mom style. Toss one of your new “textbooks” in it and you won’t be lying when you said you needed a new book bag!

Comfy, Cute Flats

Your kids got new shoes for recess, but you’re going to be doing plenty of running around too! Between pickups, drop-offs, volunteering in class, PTA meetings and all the after school activities, you’re going to want to have a new pair of kicks to take you there. Maybe two. May we recommend one shoe that’s all comfort and function and one that puts the FUN in function.

With over 20 design options, you’re definitely going to want to check out all of these cute prints – and then grab some, of course.

First Day of School Drop Off Outfit

I mean, you’re kid is wearing something new on the first day right? Well you need to look your best for that first impression too. If it’s nice and hot, I will always recommend our favorite swing dress in the world. Which I happen to be wearing right this minute. If there’s a chance it could feel like fall where you live, especially if you’ve got an early morning dropoff, grab a cute cardigan like this one with super studious elbow patches and pair it with the dress or some skinny jeans. Accessorize with a coffee and you are ready for your first day, Mama!

Good luck, and have a great year!


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