Feeling a Little Salty? You’re Not Alone!

We’re Christine and Jaymi, two salty mamas with six kids between us. We’re happy to be your virtual mom squad!

With lazy-mom approved kids activities, snarky playdate chatter, and little ways to make your life more fun, we’re here to make your momlife a little sweeter.

Even when you’re feeling salty.

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Squeeze-Your-Own Lemonade Sensory Bin

Trying to stay cool on a hot summer day? This icy fun activity for kids will keep your kids squeezing, playing, and imagining all afternoon! Check out the directions for this super cheap, easy Lemonade Sensory Bin for kids. My kids LOVE a lemonade stand. They have been begging me to have a lemonade stand…

10 Things That All Toddlers Do

I know they say “every kid is different.” And while they’re right, there are a few things that all toddlers do (well, almost all anyways). Here are the things that pretty much every toddler has in common, from two moms with 6 kids between them. I mean…toddlers. Am I right? How can something be so…