Five Reasons to Hate Fall (And A Few Things We Love)

If you’ve been on the internet for six minutes or more in the last week, you’ll have heard the good news: Fall is HERE! And everyone LOVES IT. Grab your first PSL of the season and hop onto your Fall Pinterest board!

Which is cool, fall’s our favorite season, too. Both of The Salty Mamas have birthdays in October. We have a Salty Baby in October, an anniversary in October, and despite our conflicting feelings on all things pumpkin, neither of us will turn down a yummy baked good. In fact, we like fall so much, we liked it in 2004 when everyone was freaking out over summer.

But now fall is on trend. Which, fine. I guess. The truth is, it makes us a little Salty.

SO, despite how much we LOVE the season, we’ve decided to keep it real and tell you the reasons we hate fall (and a couple of little things we love).

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So. Freaking. Basic.

Oh, you love scarves and pumpkin spice? You’re going to make soup in a crock pot? Grab some sort of a pumpkin décor idea off Pinterest? Congratulations, you just became EVERY OTHER WOMAN between the ages of 13 and 74.


And the thing is? We can’t even really get mad about it because we’re no freaking different!!! (Except Jaymi doesn’t do PSL, but swap in a Salted Caramel Mocha and she’s there, too.)

Goodbye Sun.

We took a walk last night after dinner and 5 minutes in it was pitch dark. At 7:04pm. Which basically means that instead of getting to tire my kids out in the yard before bed, or take a family walk, I have to sit inside with them staring at the clock and begging it to move more quickly. Because unfortunately for me, they refuse to go to bed at 6:15 at night.


In theory, I love it getting dark earlier. Give me some cozy PJs, a glass of something delicious and some Must See TV and I’m in heaven. But … yeah, it doesn’t really work like that.

Unstable Weather.

My lips are chapped, my hands are dry and I can’t decide whether I need to wear a chunky sweater like I’m Jax Taylor or shorts and a tank top. It’s freezing in the morning and hot by noon. The weather just needs to settle.


Too. Many. Shows.

Yes, you heard me right. I’m overwhelmed with the fall lineup. Every time I turn around someone is saying, “Are you watching Scandal?” “Are you excited for Will & Grace coming back?” “Are you all caught up on This Is Us?” No, no, and no.


Ask me in 2047 when my kids are out of the house and I have that unicorn I’ve heard about called “free time.” I can handle maybe one or two shows at a time (not counting Real Housewives, because #priorities). Other than that? I’m out. Sorry. Summer’s TV schedule is more my speed these days.

DIY Fall Decor

Good grief, the pressure to have an adorable fall-themed house is ON. I miss the days when you were only expected to decorate your house for Christmas. Pinterest has ruined everything. But I’ll be darned if I ever cut a piece of burlap again (for real though, have you ever cut burlap? It is the messiest thing that has ever happened to my house. And I have children and pets.)


So we took one for the team and created an adorable fall faux-burlap banner that you can print, cut, and put up.  Because we may be a little salty about fall, but we can’t help loving it, too. I mean, we are in the right demographic, and we’re about as basic as they come.

So click here to get your free printable banner, grab your PSL, and get to crafting. And stay basic, y’all.


So whether you love this season or you’ve got your own list of bad things about fall, get ready- basic mamas everywhere (like, well, US) are gonna make sure that you don’t forget for one single second that it’s magical, spectacular, and exceptionally basic FALL, Y’ALL.

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16 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Hate Fall (And A Few Things We Love)”

  1. I always agree so hard with everything you guys write 🙂 And if being basic is wrong, I don’t want to be… complicated?

  2. All of this – we live in a college town and college is the epitome of basic…especially in the Fall. It’s a hard group to keep up with – the boots, the leggings, the fannel, the pumpkin coffee and the apple orchard selfies, but we try! P.S. Awesome Jax Taylor reference!

  3. I actually kind of love it that the world is finally catching up to my favorite season (why has everyone loved spring for the past two decades?!). But yeah .. decreasing sunlight? Definitely a downer!

  4. I am so ready for fall, it’s my favorite season, but I’m not ready for the weather. I’m excited for everything else that comes with fall!

  5. Literally laughed out loud at “Pinterest has ruined everything”. I have this conversation with someone at least once a week it seems…couldn’t agree more!

  6. Fall is my favourite of all the weathers, for me its cozy corners of the house, smell of lots of coffee and chocolates, and spending time outside without getting burnt. Loved your write up.

  7. This list is so much fun (a pleasant and funny change from the typical love letter to fall on most blogs). I’m with you on there being too many shows!

  8. I love fall, but could not agree more about the weather. I’m so ready to break out my scarves and boots and need the weather to catch up!

  9. Yes to everything! Who knew that a season could be trendy? My kids just keep asking me why it’s so dark outside. And I so badly want to watch This Is Us, but we know that’s not going to happen. Maybe I can binge-watch it in about 10 years.

  10. Hahaha. YES! I am fairly basic…but my husband’s nickname at work this time of year is BWB. He is all about pumpkin, flannel, and Halloween.
    Can we really blame him though? *shrugs*

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