20 Things That We Find VERY Romantic

This week, our Facebook and Instagram feeds were flooded with grand gestures of love. Long stem roses, chocolate covered strawberries, sparkly gifts, prix fix dinners out on the town, or homemade dinners for two. Meanwhile, Jaymi and I shared a romantic evening of chicken and chocolate chip cookies in heart shaped containers because the Daddy’s were working late. Once upon a time, we may have grumbled about the apparent lack of affection and romance on our Valentine’s Day, but this is what our life is these days. And the truth is, we don’t mind a bit.

Yes, we still LOVE our husbands, and sometimes we even gush about them, but romance looks very different these days. The key to making it work is embracing all the little ways our partners are romantic, and not taking those for granted. So here’s our thank you, for all these little things our fellas do year round to show us how much they love and appreciate us.

Honey, thank you for….

  1. Taking the kids to the grocery store and leaving me home alone.
  2. Watching – and pretending to be interested in – The Bachelor once in a while.
  3. Buying an $8 large Coke at Disneyland, even when you’re more of a free cup of water kind of guy. Because you know it’s been that kind of a day.
  4. Bringing me home a free bag of Gardetto’s from your work’s break room because you know they’re my favorite and I’m too cheap to buy them for myself.
  5. Those magic words, “I’ll do the dishes.”
  6. Buying me a Chick-fil-A gift card for Valentine’s Day instead of flowers that die and are a waste of our precious budget.
  7. Bringing me a candy bar “just because.”
  8. Sitting on the side of the booth that’s by the door because you knows it’s drafty and I’m always cold.
  9. When I overhear, “Come here, let’s read a book and let Mommy go potty alone.”
  10. The way you add that corny heart to the end of my name.

    A relic from the old days where Valentine’s meant flowers
  11. Pumping my gas.
  12. Going to “our” bakery to get a special cupcake in our wedding cake flavor.
  13. Telling me you prefer my body now after all these babies.
  14. Knowing that coming home with a six pack of diet cokes and a box of donuts can fix a terrible day.
  15. Trying to keep the kids on your side of the bed (when we’re both too tired and lazy to take them back to their own rooms) so I can get some sleep.
  16. Always letting me take the first bite of a shared dessert.
  17. Telling me that I’m a great Mother.
  18. Understanding that sometimes I just have to eat ice cream in bed. And on those nights pretending you don’t care that I’m eating in bed. Even though I know it drives you crazy.
  19. Always volunteering to be the one to push the kids on the swings because you know how much I hate it.
  20. Being a good Daddy and provider for us. Because that’s wayyyyy more romantic than any candy or flower will ever be.

What does your honey do that you consider romantic these days? We’d love to hear about how romance has changed for you in the comment section!

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We may not get flowers or chocolate, but our husbands do these 20 things that we find SUPER romantic.
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  1. I love the way he handles whatever comes up when he is watching the kids and doesn’t bother me if I am out on a girl’s night or having alone time!! He is empowered to parent and takes that job seriously if I’m not around! Amazing!!

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