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Micro Hustle Monday: The Pumpkin Fairy

Today’s Micro Hustle won’t actually make you any money, but it can save you big bucks, and isn’t that kind of the same thing? Also, it’s a Hustle on your kids, which – I think it’s safe to say – we’re all on board for every once in a while! Enjoy! 

Ask any Mama what she loves about the fall, and nestled somewhere between a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte and putting on a cozy sweater will be taking the kids to the pumpkin patch. Because kids and pumpkins are adorable. Need proof? Fine.


Moving on…

The pumpkin patch is AWESOME. Whether yours is in the middle of a city and has carnival style rides, a petting zoo and a concession stand or is out in the country and has apple launchers, a corn maze and homemade cider, every one is full of fun for the family.


Yes, the seedy underbelly of the pumpkin patch operation is insanely expensive pumpkins. And while you’re there for the adorable photo ops, your kids are probably there for the expensive stuff – like the rides, treats, and pumpkins. The pain that I feel in my heart – and my wallet – as I hand over a credit card to pay $20+ for a pumpkin that I can get for $3.99 at the grocery store is palpable. But what else can you do? It’s a pumpkin patch – you can’t just leave without a pumpkin!

But you can leave without a GIANT pumpkin…..

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Enter…..The Pumpkin Fairy!

Oh you don’t know about the Pumpkin Fairy? Well let me introduce her to you! Because she may very well change your life at the Pumpkin Patch this year!  You see the Pumpkin Fairy is a beautiful and magical fairy that can turn tiny (read: cheap) pumpkins from the pumpkin patch into big, beautiful pumpkins – overnight!

Confession: The Pumpkin Fairy isn’t real, folks. But it can be real in your house this year if you follow these steps!

First – you gotta sell this to your kids. Start laying the groundwork immediately. Tonight, when you put them to bed, don’t forget to tell them about the legend of the Pumpkin Fairy!

She’s beautiful, with orange hair and a dress made from pumpkin seeds and the stringy stuff inside the gourds! And every October she visits all the little children to turn their baby pumpkins into big magical pumpkins! (This may be harder if your kids are used to picking out a giant pumpkin at the patch, but you can talk them into it – I believe in you! I mean, who wants one of those big pumpkins, when you can have a pumpkin that has been made out of magic???)

Then you go to the patch. Remind them of the new plan – tiny pumpkins kids! The cheaper smaller, the better! Let them pick any pumpkin they want out of that bargain bin!

When you get home, find a nice easy spot to put your pumpkins! Don’t do something stupid like put them under pillows. The Pumpkin Fairy is a LOT bigger than the Tooth Fairy and isn’t as good at sneaking around- especially after a glass of wine or two. The porch is an excellent spot.

Then, tuck the kids in.

Have a glass of wine and watch Real Housewives while you wait for them to fall asleep. You’ll be kicking yourself next year, and spending big bucks, if you get caught. Then – swap out those pumpkins with the grocery store ones you’re hiding in the trunk of the car. If you want to get REAL fancy, sprinkle some glitter around. Fairies are notorious for getting glitter on everything.

And that’s it! You saved a ton of money and made a Pinterest-worthy tradition that will have you looking like a) a money saving genius and b) Mom of the Year


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Let the Pumpkin Fairy help you save big bugs this year on your trip to the pumpkin patch!
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26 thoughts on “Micro Hustle Monday: The Pumpkin Fairy”

  1. This is hilarious. Love it. Although we found another way around spending big bucks. We go to a pumpkin patch with a donation box. Then spend how much we feel is appropriate for our pumpkin haul. It’s for the church so definitely not trying to rip anyone off, but it’s nice to set your own price and feel good about the donation 🙂

      1. I didn’t even know they existed until last year. I was all confused when we went to one and nobody was working there. I was Like “Who takes my money??” lol. There was just a deposit slot to slip the money into. Pretty cool!

  2. Genius! If my kids were smaller, I’d be stealing this idea. But I already crushed their dreams and told them that there’s no Santa, tooth fairy, etc. I will share this with others though. I have a small niece we can use this on.

  3. You are one awesome Mumma, this is such a brilliant way to not burn a hole in your pocket and still have fun at the pumpkin patch. And also your kids will love you for introducing one more fairy to them. Happy Fall! Have fun!!!

  4. Pumpkins are WAY expensive. I like to put a medium sized pumpkin on each of the stairs up to my deck. It cost me a small fortune.

  5. Haha I love this. First of all, adorable kids. And also, way to go momma! I don’t have kids so I didn’t realize those dang (but very cute) pumpkins are so expensive!

  6. This is such a great idea! I would have loved the story and magic of the pumpkin fairy when I was little. I’m going to remember this if I ever have kids because going to the pumpkin patch is an essential annual tradition

  7. Hilarious/genius! Tomorrow is our first pumpkin patch trip and hubby is already talking about the “giant pumpkin” he is getting… wait until he sees the price tag!

  8. GENIUS! And it’s super fun too! All the other kids at school will be jealous because they don’t get a pumpkin fairy. Luckily grandpa grows pumpkins in his garden, so we actually DID go to the pumpkin patch and didn’t buy any pumpkins.

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